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Proposed rules for CRA amnesty program could expose more tax-cheat advisers

The Bahamas Financial Centre in Nassau is one of many offshore tax havens sought out by the rich. The Canada Revenue Agency is planning to toughen an amnesty program it offers to investors who want to come clean about their tax cheating.

Ministry of Education staffer caught up in major Job Reference FRAUD

WILL THE STAFFER BE FIRED AS PM PROMISE TO NOT TOLERATE FOOLISHNESS? DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION Lionel Sands. Statement by PS Lionel Sands Nassau, Bahamas - The Department of Education categorically refutes circulating media reports about the arrest of three Ministry of Education employees, now reportedly in Police custody, involving the alleged stealing of $245,000.00.

Glidepath awarded new terminal system contract

Scheduled for completion in 2020, international construction firm Aecon has awarded Glidepath a multi-million US dollar baggage and security systems contract for the new terminal at LF Wade International Airport Bermuda. Situated at the northern most point of the Bermuda Triangle, Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory with an economy mainly made up of off shore insurance/reinsurance and tourism industries.

Bahamas wins new business aviation award

NASSAU, Bahamas -- The Bahamas has been presented the 2016 Caribbean Sapphire Pegasus Business Aviation Award for Outstanding Country Promotion, the first award of its kind for the region. The Sapphire Pegasus Award is a symbol of gratitude for the superb performance in an industry segment where mediocrity is unacceptable.

Next time on the grill, consider going big - dinosaur big

I first saw beef ribs 20 years ago in Nassau, Bahamas. Looking for the best local food, I asked a taxi driver to take me to his favorite restaurant.

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The Bahamas, graced with beautiful beaches of pink sand, breathtaking windswept panoramas and countless opportunities for diving, snorkeling and fishing, are well established as one of the world's top draws for both intrepid explorers and casual vacationers.  An island chain beginning a mere 55 miles east of Miami, Florida, the Bahamas offer an array of tourist hotels, all-inclusive resorts, and even rustic lodges, making staying there a relatively simple endeavor.  Indeed, more than three million travelers each year choose the islands as their prime destination for outdoor sports, sun worship, casino gambling and, on some of the slightly more remote spots, eco-tourism.

Arawak Indians inhabited the islands when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the New World on San Salvador in 1492. British settlement of the islands began in 1647; the islands became a colony in 1783. Since attaining independence from the UK in 1973, The Bahamas have prospered through tourism and international banking and investment management.

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